Jeay sindhudesh

1st of u must be study if you are good students then sindh futuer will be good (ALI MADAD)

after study you will be politics and we are sindhis you must 1st off all studying in you universitys,colleges and schools areas we are sindhis and we like to sindh and if sindh have good students in (JSSF)then good futuer on sindhudesh.(Jeay Sindh Students Federation)

These Naangas" go to Hinglaj
To see Mother Kali,
They have been to Dwarka,
These worshippers of Shiva.
There is nothing like them
On the Frontier
Or in Sindh
Or in Hindustan!
They have woven their souls in Rama:
Inside of them, there is only Rama:
Where Shiva oversees, that is where they settle.
I am conversant with the Yogis
Who always seek the sun.
All the hours of the day, their eyes are on mother Kali

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One Day We Have One Beautiful Country ( Sindhudesh )